Totally fun!

Me as the Indonesian Leader w/ APU Japan students

Me -Putri- as the Indonesian Leader with Tatsuhiro Yoshida and Lin Helen

from APU Japan

Together with the people and banner of 1st YGSW

Me -right side- with Virgy Agita Sari -middle one- as the chairman of 1st YGSW from APU Japan and Dian Apriyanti -left side- from Universitas Gadjah Mada *Ah, it looks like there is a ghost sighting that standing behind us, LOL, He is (ups i forget his name) from APU Japan too *

This photo was taken for almost last three years when I was celebrating an epic event for junior and high school students in Jakarta. They were from SMP Global Islamic School and SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta. This event was organized by students of Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific Univeristy (APU) Japan. I was in charge as Indonesian Leader where responsible to guide, assist, and create fruitful discussion for students. I was really glad to spend such this worthwhile time with the people there. The students were just amazingly great! They were really smart even, at the rehearsal time we were getting nervous of their curiosity. They were really active and creative too, they didn’t feel ashamed when they wanted to show off their ideas. I could really smell the diverse of innovative ideas that came out directly from their minds. They were definitely outstanding! I was really glad too given the opportunity to join involved in this such wonderful moment with students from APU. They were such bright and fabulous students. I remember when Paulo Coelho from the Alchemist says “And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. These words will always lay forever on my belief that one day I could really achieve all of my desires. If you understand one thing, it ever says “Even the IMPOSSIBLE beliefs IM POSSIBLE !”

Best Wishes,

Putri Permatasari


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