Whitney Houston, we always love you!

       Blog ini juga sama dengan tulisan saya sebelumnya yaitu sudah saya postkan di blog saya yang lain di http://puteliz.blog.com/page/2/. Tapi tak apa cuma buat iseng saja biar tambah seru! ahaha

       Ya Allah! Kaget, lebih tepatnya sangat kaget begitu mendengar ratu penyanyi pop dunia asal negeri paman sam, Whitney Houston meninggal dunia pada tanggal 11 februari 2012. Totally remember when I was a kid, just like Michael Jackson and Peabo Bryson (he still exists in Music until now!), my father always turned on the Whitney’s playlists on the radio tape. She has amazingly beautiful and strong voice. Everybody knows her as “The Voice” because able to reach 5 octave in singing. God, she died! I knew that she was addicted to drugs and alcohols, but in this case I didn’t expect it at all.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

~~Well honestly, I prefer Houston to Carey.

         Mungkin ini adalah alasan mengapa saya menyukai hal-hal yang berbau “jadul” karena dulu waktu masih kecil saya sering dicekoki a.k.a mendengar lagu-lagu 80′s&90′s dari ayah saya. Saya suka sekali mendengar penyanyi seperti Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, Michael Jackson, Dianna Ross, Michael Bolton, Phil Collins, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rogers, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, at last but not least Mrs. Whitney Houston! Yep, She’s the one, I had always waited for her appearance on TV when I was kid! God, I like her, I like her voice and style. She’s totally gorgeous. I dunno why it always happens, seriously when I listen to her songs and all memories when I was kid just come directly out of my mind.perfect! She influences me that much, wow.

         As I am here typing the blog still cannot believe that she is gone. Maybe it was just like a coincidence where I didn’t watch TV or listen to the radio at all about this news. I dragged some posts at blog this afternoon then unexpectedly I saw my friend’s status on twitter and said “R.I.P Whitney Houston”. OMG! Whitney Houston died! Oh come on, I thought it was just a hoax or silly rumor then suddenly I checked to Wikipedia and said yes she died. Some medias say she was found dead in her room before the Grammy is held. The cause of her dead has not yet been released but cops in the U.S probably are still trying to make investigations about this case. She died at 48 but this news was just like a bomb that burst out in the daylight. We barely heard about her news or latest gossip till finally now she is gone. “What actually is this all about?!” Yeah, I dunno exactly how she faces the life and raises her children, regardless I could be the umpteenth person who is really shocked and saddened to hear this sudden news.

Here are the additional information about Whitney Houston::

        “She won two Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards. Her album “Whitney” was the first female album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts. She sold 200 million albums world wide. According to Guinness World Records she was the most awarded female act of all time.” Source (www.popcrunch.com)

Oke, apapun itu saya turut berduka cita untuk Whitney Houston, yang terbaik untuk dia selalu, semoga dia mendapat tempat terbaik di sana, Amin. Selamat jalan penyanyi bersuara emas Whitney Houston. We always love you!

Sourse:: (www.popcrunch.com) download at 5 AM Feb 13, 2012


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