[CIPSEM-list] Call for applications MSc “Tropical Forestry and Management”

        Saya mendapatkan informasi beasiswa ini dari milis alumni Fakultas Kehutanan UGM. Bagi siapa yang tertarik untuk melanjutkan studi master di Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), Jerman dengan course mengenai “Tropical Forestry and Management”, silahkan mencoba beasiswa ini. Karena saya alumni FKT UGM dan merasa bertanggung jawab untuk menyebarluaskan informasi ini juga, akhirnya saya memilih blog ini sebagai media penyebaran informasi tersebut yang harapannya akan berguna bagi kemajuan pendidikan Indonesia 🙂

Selamat mencoba semoga berhasil.


—– Pesan yang Diteruskan —–
Dari: CIPSEM Course Secretariat <unep@mailbox.tu-dresden.de>
Kepada: CIPSEM Alumni Network <cipsem-list@groups.tu-dresden.de>
Dikirim: Selasa, 10 Juli 2012 19:38
Judul: [CIPSEM-list] Call for applications MSc “Tropical Forestry and Management”

Dear alumni of the TU Dresden UNEP-courses,

We kindly want to inform you that there are scholarships available for the MSc. course “Tropical Forestry and Management”. Maybe you remember that you have given an introduction that this course has mainly a socio-economic focus on land use, planning etc. We’d like to encourage you to contact your younger colleagues to send applications for this course until October. We still have a number of scholarships available and they will be selected in a competitive way depending on academical grades, quality of the master proposal, support letters, specific character of their career. In the annex you find the call for this scholarship. Please, feel encouraged to apply and you can apply directly with us till October as I said.

We also want to encourage you to apply for the FONASO doctoral program,
which has a very high monthly scholarship (2800,- EUR per month). You find the subjects in the internet (http://www.fonaso.eu/Research%20Topics.aspx). You can’t see where the subjects come from. Some are from TU Dresden, others are from other institutions. Please, feel free to contact us in this point.

We also want to inform you that there are quite a number of alumni
activities for persons that have been more than three months in Germany
(only relevant for the participants of the six months UNEP-course). You can apply for re-invitation programs, alumni activities like summer schools in Germany and in the home country region. Please, feel also free to contact us in this point if you are interested in any of these activities.

We would like to keep in contact with you. Please send always your updated e-mails so that we can give you further information.

Thank you very much for distributing this mail to younger colleagues, who might be interested in or – depending by the program – you are very much encourage to apply by yourself. Hopefully see you, soon!

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. J. Pretzsch
Technische Universität Dresden
Faculty of Forest- Geo- and Hydro Sciences
Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products
Postfach 1117
01735 Tharandt, Germany
Tel: 035203-38 31823
Fax: 035203-38 31820


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